Dream My Life Away” by Erol Oz is a lush, gorgeous song that showcases Erol’s beautiful classical guitar influences with rich lyrics, soulful vocals and wonderful harmonies. – J Kolb, Radio St. Pete.

“Erol’s vocals are really strong with a nice tenor range. He manages to deliver each line with a longing for those forgotten hazy summer days. And the music he has crafted floats along on a perfectly mellow acoustic guitar and shuffling jazz beat that is equally pleasing to the ear.” – Joshua Pfeiffer, Radio AirPlay Blog. Song Review, “Happy

“Erol Oz’s sound is at once delicate and devastating!  Blending expert acoustic picking with nostalgia-drenched overdriven electric work, Oz’s original song Photograph runs the full gamut from folky to fiery – granting his clarion vocals a firm harmonic and rhythmically tight foundation from which to launch.  Lyrically contemporary and tonally timeless, Photograph bears the unmistakeable sheen of artistic authenticity!” 
– Jon Wright, Radio AirPlay Blog

“Erol Oz delivers powerful and honest lyrics in Free, never sugar coating the struggles of being an artist, instead, giving encouragement and reason to never give up on one’s artistry. Free is the best of Americana music, displaying gorgeous arrangements of string instruments, with a performance that displays Erol’s classically trained background as well as his velvety voice. Everything here is right. We need more Erol Oz types in this world.” 

– Ama Cruz, RadioAirplay Blog

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